19 Things That Happen To Girls With Boys’ Names

“Oh, did your parents want a son?”

1. Sometimes couriers refuse to let you sign for packages because they think they’re for a male recipient.

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2. You receive penis-enlargement spam as standard.

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3. Around half your mail is addressed to “Mr”.

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4. In fact, you’ve been addressed as “Mr” at least once in person.

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5. Which makes for a fun conversation when you’re trying to get birth control.

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6. Or someone in admin accidentally signs you up for boys’ PE at school.

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7. Some people who think your name is “too weird” are always trying to give you nicknames.

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8. Other people like to helpfully inform you that it’s a boy’s name. Because you never actually realised that yourself!

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9. When you meet a boy with your name, you can tell they silently resent you for “stealing” their name.

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10. But if you meet a girl with your name, you share a special bond FOREVER.

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11. People think it’s okay to ask you questions like “did your parents want a boy?”

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12. Or “So, are you gay?”

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13. As an infant you were mistaken for a boy at least three times a day.

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14. So your parents took to dressing you aggressively in pink.

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15. If you’re straight, there’s at least one person who assumes your boyfriend is gay because they’ve heard your name in passing.

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16. Or that your girlfriend is straight.

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17. People you email are constantly getting your gender wrong.

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18. You’ve tried adding the word “Miss” to your email signature, but it just makes people think you REALLY want them to know that you’re unmarried.

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19. Still, if you want to get out of a meeting with someone you’ve never met, you can always tell them that you “don’t know where he went”.


Everyone’s a winner.

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Robyn Wilder is a staff writer for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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