29 Fantastic Ways Yorkshire Celebrated The Tour De France

“Tek care, lambs on’t road.”

1. Well, first of all, Yorkshire covered itself in enormous bicycles.

ID: 3287834

2. Some were made out of people.

ID: 3287807

3. Some were mysterious crop circles apparently designed by advanced minds from beyond space.

ID: 3287806

4. Even Essex followed suit.

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5. This one was created by chip purveyors McCain, and planted in a potato field near the Stage 2 route.

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6. This one was made by smart people from the University of Sheffield. It depicts the Krebs Cycle, a process in which nutrients are transformed into energy in every cell of the human body.

The University of Sheffield / Flickr / Via Flickr: 121664676@N06

Luckily it also looks quite a lot like a bicycle.

ID: 3287838

7. In fact there were bicycles all over the shop.

Gearing up for Le Tour de France in Yorkshire. East Witton has gone bike crazy! @letouryorkshire @letour

— tammytourguide (@tammytourguide)
ID: 3287822

8. Huddersfield had this weird wicker angel-cyclist.

Bunting, lots of yellow, & willow sculptures on bikes, in Huddersfield for the Tour de France. http://t.co/uxSJqNJznE

— Barbara Smith (@BarbaraKnits)
ID: 3287823

9. This bike appeared in a wall.

MT “@alisonatkin: That is some amazing #drystonewalling! Yorkshire, you're doing t' Tour de France right! ” love it!

— Sara Hilton (@sara_hilton)
ID: 3287831

10. And these even appeared on some nails.

In honour of the Tour de France Le Grand Depart in Yorkshire :-)

— Lyndsey Beckford (@lyndseybruce)
ID: 3287824

11. There was helpful signage.

The Tour de France preparations pick up pace in Yorkshire.

— Fred Boycott (@FredBoycott)
ID: 3287832

12. Including directions.

How Yorkshire has welcomed the Tour de France #tourdefrance http://t.co/qNhBi2ReAw

— Radio Times (@RadioTimes)
ID: 3287833

13. (Near and far.)

A field with sheep in along the Tour de France route? "Baaarnsley"! Showing the world our Yorkshire humour!!

— Hallam FM (@hallamfm)
ID: 3287829

14. Then there were the dogs of the Tour de France.

Yorkshire dog Alfie welcomes the tour #tdf #tdf2014 #TDFselfie

— Christopher Tighe (@ChrisTiggy)
ID: 3287794

15. In their snazzy yellow sweaters.

#btposse #tdf #jrt I'm ready too!

— Pepper&Spot (@PepperandSpot)
ID: 3287789

16. And jaunty polka dot caps.

Lots of renditions of "Ilkley Moor bah tat" here. Coco is ready! #TDF @bbctdf

— Emma Glasbey (@emmaglasbey)
ID: 3287793

17. Some were already in Yorkshire.

Everybody is buying our Le Tour T-shirts. We even sold one for Rosie the dog today. #TDF #HebdenBridge

— Daisy and Sam (@DaisyandSam1)
ID: 3287790

18. Others were stoically journeying there by train.

Tour de France dog on train

— clara (@_claraclara)
ID: 3287796

19. And yet others were in Yorkshire in spirit.

@yorkshiretea Dougie enjoying his Yorkshire tea on le tour #teaonletour

— gary hynd (@ghynd83)
ID: 3287809

20. This total hero of a dad decided to give his kids the best view possible.

"@BuzzFeedUK: This Yorkshireman found the best way to ensure his kids got to see the #tourdefrance @alripon

— Dan Prosser (@Danprosser88)
ID: 3287804

21. This man dyed his sheep.

Tour de France craziness in Yorkshire.

— Jean-Paul Audouy (@jpaudouy)
ID: 3287819

22. As did this one.

Le Tour De France , Yorkshire style , great time to be In gods own right now #proudtyke

— amanda waddington (@sykoaj)
ID: 3287821

23. The Red Arrows did a fly-past.

Yorkshire loves The Tour De France @letour

— Steve Clark (@chapela1966)
ID: 3287825

24. And this man even undressed specially for the occassion.

Naked Tour de France spectator in Yorkshire?

— Tom the Bomb (@tightropetom)
ID: 3287826

25. The crowd was buzzing when all the cyclists lined up for the Grand Depart.

In pictures: #YorkshireGrandDepart for the #tourdefrance https://t.co/tE9lp4Q2Uk @GaryVerity @Welcome2Yorks

— Clare Burnett (@ClareBdaily)
ID: 3287852

26. And when the race reached the Buttertubs Pass, the tension was palpable.

#buttertubs #carnage

— Sam Rowley (@sam___rowley)
ID: 3287855

27. Well, sort of palpable.

"@janetrewhella: #TDFyorkshire Ey up. Reet warm. #otley " the best pic representing Yorkshire tour de france

— NYP Helmsley (@NYPHelmsKirkby)
ID: 3287839

28. Oh, Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Lad Leading Tour de France..

— EBAYGUMTREE (@savs66)
ID: 3287860

29. Never change.

A Yorkshire welcome for the Tour de France! http://t.co/38h1Y9dJx6

— The SPORT Bible (@TSBible)
ID: 3287862

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