The Internet Has Opinions About Morrisons Advertising On The Angel Of The North

Want to spark debate online? Project a giant baguette onto a national monument.

1. Supermarket chain Morrisons has projected a giant bread advert across the wings of The Angel of the North.


The 66-foot structure was designed by Antony Gormley, and has stood in Gateshead in Tyne and Wear since 1998. It is one of the country’s most recognisable pieces of public art.

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2. “I’d rather the Angel is not used for such purposes,” Antony Gormley told The Guardian. “But it’s out there.”

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3. And the internet wasn’t happy at all.

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Morrisons presumably working on the principle all publicity is good publicity. Even when ruining artworks with dreadfully ugly ads.

— Jonathan Haynes (@JonathanHaynes)
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angel of the North being used to advertise a shitty supermarket ( or anything) makes me burn with fury

— Jenny Eclair (@jennyeclair)
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Welcome to Britain, where we've slapped a Morrisons advert across the Angel of the North. We really are a shit hole.

— Will (@WillMcHoebag)
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9. Some people felt strongly enough to boycott the supermarket.

I think it's disgraceful of @Morrisons to deface the Angel of the North with an advert. Reason not to shop there I reckon.

— Joy (@Obe_joyful)
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Well I for one am never shopping in #Morrisons again. Obnoxious, Angel of the North ad, with its glibness, thinking they're being clever.

— BlueDragonLandlady (@MsLupin)
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11. While others desperately pleaded with Morrisons to reconsider.

@Morrisons please remove your advert from The Angel of the North. I beg of you. It's embarrassing for us all.

— Hello Holly (@starrfleet)
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please take the morrisons ad down from the angel of the north PLEASE IT'S SO TACKY AND EMBARRASSING PLEA SE

— Hello Holly (@starrfleet)
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13. Yet others were so furious they became positively lyrical.

"I am in the pit, and gone so deep that I can see the brightness of the stars at noon." "Sorry Ken?" "A baguette on the Angel of the North."

— Al Kitching (@thisgreyspirit)
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First they came for our utilities, then our rail service, and then for our public works of art. #Morrisons #AngelOfTheNorth

— BlueDragonLandlady (@MsLupin)
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15. Some people’s complaints were that the advert wasn’t local enough.

Advertising on the Angel of the North, where to start?! I mean, it's not even a stottie .....

— Sarah Catterick (@sarahcatterick)
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16. Plenty of people, meanwhile, saw the funny side.

I personally hope there's a sex shop with a big enough budget to advertise on the Angel of the North

— Andre Griffin (@Andre_p_Griffin)
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Off to Morrisons to project some art onto a baguette.

— paul (@thehatandbeard)
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Morrisons advertising bread on the Angel of the North. Durex is advertising as well but you can't see at this angle.

— beaubodor (@beaubodor)
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trying to watch a film but the Morrisons guy is sat at the back of the cinema w/ his own projector, inserting images of bread into the movie

— Alex Tobin (@tobin_alex)
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20. But some just didn’t know what to think.

Morrisons flogging a baguette on the Angel of the North is both genius and tragic.

— Andrew Murray (@and_mur)
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The Angel of the North doesn't do much for me as an artwork, but imagine being the miserable fuck that looked at it and thought "billboard".

— Matthew Clark (@bastardbynature)
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So Morrisons bagget on the Angel of the North is not ok but a naked Gail Porter on the House Of Commons is? #baffled

— mamacrow (@mamacrow)
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23. Then there were the people who doubted it even happened in reality.

Seriously. Just find me one person who actually saw the Morrisons ad on the Angel of the North, and I'll believe it happened.

— Kia T (@mrsthedeech)
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24. And the ones who were determined to keep it real.

It would take over 250 million Hula Hoops to weigh the same as the Angel of the North. Fact.

— Ian (@imd80)
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