The Funniest Twitter Responses To The European Parliament Election Results

“At least Nick Griffin lost his seat” – pretty much everyone.

1. Many people in the UK stayed up to watch the election results roll in overnight.

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2. Although some were more into it than others…

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3. UKIP ended up topping the UK poll, winning 24 MEPS.

Steve Parsons/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Labour finished in second place and is expected to gain around seven MEPs. The Conservatives came third, and is expected to lose seven MEPS, reducing it to just 19 MEPs. The Liberal Democrats finished the night with just one MEP.

The Green Party finished fourth. The BNP lost both its seats.

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4. Twitter did not take this news well.

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These European election results have me like

— gaz (@GaryOfficial)
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Fuck UKIP and that smug fucker Nigel Farage. I didn't vote for racism and xenophobia to win.

— Violet Matthews (@vily161)
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*Reads European election results*

— HRH Queen Bubblegum (@KrystalSim)
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Terrible European election results.Where shall we emigrate to?

— Coley (@Englishlale)
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Me reading European election results

— Andrew Brett (@andrewbrett)
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11. Some people displayed their rage at Nigel Farage.

Fuck off Farage. Getting a bit late, don't want to get a little racist do you?

— Nathan Smiles (@SmilesNathan)
ID: 3013693

shut the fuck up Nigel Farage you absolute massively stupid arse wipe.

— m.e.g (@ambivxlence)
ID: 3013692

COOL FACT: Nigel Farage is an anagram of "Slappable Face", "Fuck Tolerance" and "Britain is at war with Germany".

— Jonathan Harden (@jonatharden)
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14. Including the inevitable comparisons.

“@RoryL96: This has to go down as my favourite tree-that-looks-like-Nigel-Farage ever ” AMAZING

— Lizzie Roberts (@lizrob92)
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Nigel farage is a bawbag of the highest order . Fuck UKIP

— Ryan Quinn (@RyanQuinn96)
ID: 3013688

@Nigel_Farage Fuck you, you fascist cunt!

— gregchatterton (@gregchatterton)
ID: 3013763

17. Then there were those who predicted doom.

Come on guys, UKIP will be great, they'll really stand up for Scotland and oh wait I'm talking shit.

— Craig (@craiging_)
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Morning, switched radio on. #Farage can fuck off, then fuck off twice, He'll be like John Hurt in V for vendetta if he got in power. #UKIP

— shippo Hippo (@shippohippo76)
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Nigel Farage talking to his supporters.

— Tony Levétt (@FunkyMrChicken)
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ELECTION RESULTS: ‘No blacks, no browns, no Romanians’ sign posted outside Houses of Parliament.

— The DM Reporter (@DMReporter)
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21. Those who blamed voter apathy for the party’s win.

#UKIP succeeded because so many people didn't bother to vote.They're as much to blame as those who voted #UKIP etc

— Michala Rudman (@MichalaRudman)
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Well the European election results are completely depressing. An apathetic country is going to allow Farage to goosestep into No. 10 #grim

— Barry Roberts (@silentbazz)
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Stewart Lee on #UKIP. It annoys the hell out of #farage so please retweet it as much as possible @Nigel_Farage

— SkyBreakingNews™ (@SkyBreakinNews)
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24. Those who took the opposing view.

Russell Brand was right there's no point voting as it wouldn't change anything apart from stopping Farage's carnival of arsetwats winning.

— tom jamieson (@jamiesont)
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25. And those who tried to put the news into perspective.

As startling as the European election results are, the far-right parties still don't have that much power in the EU parliament.

— Sam Ralph (@SamTheRalph)
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26. But there was one outcome pretty much everyone agreed was a good thing: BNP leader Nick Griffin lost his seat.

You shouldn't make fun of people losing job, but surely we can make exception for Nick Griffin & fellow BNP racists.

— Julie (@MsIntervention)
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We Banish you Nick Griffin! #AvadaKedavra

— EntJunky (@EntJunky)
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I rarely swear on Twitter, but in Nick Griffin's case I will make an honourable exception.

— Ian Taylor (@IanTaylorTU)
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30. Although we should all take a moment to remember the real victims here.

First the results of the European Parliament election and then I get tomato stains on my camisole. #BadDay

— C (@Sinceritas_C)
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