21 Struggles Anyone On The 5:2 Diet Will Recognise

Tomorrow. Tomorrow we eat.

1. You’re screwed as soon as you open your eyes.

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2. Hey, what’s for breakfast? BLACK COFFEE AND POSITIVE THOUGHTS.

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3. You’ve gone without eating for long periods before, so you think you’ve pretty much got this.

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4. But, when your colleagues bring in industrial loads of cake, you genuinely wonder if they’re plotting against you.

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5. Especially when they leave it by your desk, which means you spend half your day wiping your own saliva off your keyboard.

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6. Fancy a treat? No problem. Your daily limit is 500 calories, though, so here’s a 20th of an orange. Enjoy!

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7. Make sure you chew it 500 times to make the most of it!

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8. You become an expert in filling up on herbal teas and flavoured water to stop your stomach feeling so empty.

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9. Your colleagues suggest burritos for lunch and your face goes numb and tingly.

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10. Instead, you eat a salad roughly the size of your thumbnail, and privately examine your colleagues’ various flaws.

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11. By mid-afternoon you have a splitting headache.

juice fast day one: 5 hours in-I feel like shit and want to die #health

— Gypsy Queen (@___madeline__)
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12. You’ve also given serious thought to body-slamming the cake table.

The banana bread keeps winking at me #fastday

— Annette Russell (@russellsbandb)
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13. You go for a walk to clear your head, but all the food smells in the restaurant district make you lightheaded.

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14. So you eat another ninth of an orange and try not to cry.

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15. At the end of the day, your colleagues suggest going for drinks and you tell them to go fuck themselves.

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17. Immediately you’re mortified. You apologise for your behaviour and promise to be more pleasant tomorrow, when you’re not so hangry.

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18. Later, you eat the world’s tiniest dinner, wondering how long it’ll be before you can forgo food all day and have a 500-calorie meal at night.

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19. The only things on TV are pornographic cooking shows which cause you to involuntarily make high, keening noises in the back of your throat.

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20. So you go to bed at 7 p.m. The sooner you sleep, the sooner tomorrow will come.

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21. Because tomorrow is another day!

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And it might have BURGERS in it.

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