This Is What Happens When You Ask The Internet To Draw Your Imagination

Jesus riding a velociraptor? Users of RedditGetsDrawn, you are some talented people.

The artists of the subreddit RedditGetsDrawn invited commenters to submit artistic requests with absolutely no limits. The results were pretty incredible.

1. “A flying hot dog with a bacon cape, saying ‘don’t be silly, wrap your willy’.” / Freeflow1 / Via / RedditGetsDrawn

2. “Neil deGrasse Tyson eating a bowl of noodles with chopsticks and pursing his lips like a fish sucking in a noodle.” / jhred / / Via / RedditGetsDrawn

3. “A pug wearing a Spider-Man suit.” / Drokart / Via / RedditGetsDrawn

4. “A fashionable elephant, Freddie Mercury, and Batman playing poker.” / slam_nine / Via / RedditGetsDrawn

5. “Ancient Viking trying to use a modern invention.” / Powersimon / Via / RedditGetsDrawn

6. “A hip-hop Jabba the Hutt.” / slam_nine / Via / RedditGetsDrawn

7. “A great white shark with an amazing moustache.” / kaxpur / Via / RedditGetsDrawn

8. “A churro singing on stage like a fucking rock star.” / kaisengaard / Via / RedditGetsDrawn

9. “Jon Snow knowing something.” / Freeflow1 / Via / RedditGetsDrawn

10. “What our pets do when we’re not at home.” / Powersimon / Via / RedditGetsDrawn

11. “A young child riding on the back of a dragon, protecting his teddy bear by fighting off evil.” / R_M_W / Via / RedditGetsDrawn

12. “Baby Simba holding up Rafiki on Pride Rock.” / Freeflow1 / Via / RedditGetsDrawn

13. “An animal that is infected a la The Last of Us.” / R_M_W / Via / RedditGetsDrawn

14. “Jesus and Master Roshi racing velociraptors.” / Drokart / Via / RedditGetsDrawn

15. “A narwhal that is sad because it popped a pool floaty.” / lydg91 / Via / RedditGetsDrawn

16. “A cow centaur.” / Fawungals / Via / RedditGetsDrawn

17. “What the Fonz would look like as a Platypus.” / picklenickel / Via / RedditGetsDrawn

18. “A mournful-looking jackdaw with a gold chain around its next that says ‘RIP Unidan bro’.” / wombatling / Via / RedditGetsDrawn

19. “A teenager being completely mesmerized by a spinning globe.” / Powersimon / Via / RedditGetsDrawn

20. “Mario trying to be an actual plumber.” / jhred / / Via / RedditGetsDrawn

21. “A cat, floating on a life preserver, in a koi pond.” / mintlydisturbed / Via / RedditGetsDrawn

22. “A praying mantis practicing Kung Fu.” / but_not_by_wolves / Via / RedditGetsDrawn

23. “A Godzilla-like fight between the Michelin Man and the Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters.” / /quandary13 / / Via / RedditGetsDrawn

24. “What a panic attack would look like.” / orvane / Via / RedditGetsDrawn

25. “What anger would look like.” / orvane / Via / RedditGetsDrawn

26. “Your happy place. Where you go in your head to feel better.” / orvane / Via / RedditGetsDrawn

27. “An Ancient Egyptian participating in some sort of modern activity.” / Powersimon / Via / RedditGetsDrawn

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