34 London Commuters Who Have Lost The Will To Live

Tired and emotional tweets from Tube strike day two.

1. Today day two of a Tube strike dawned in London.

ID: 2867730

2. And it’s safe to say that no one was having fun.

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5. Conditions were cramped on the few Underground lines that were running.

ID: 2867709

The tube strike means you get the aromas of other passengers. Today a woman smelled so much of celery I was almost compelled to question her

— adam (@bakeradamj)
ID: 2868509

Squeezed in #tube & watching shocked faces of fellow commuters when we arrived in next station (seeing packed train) is #priceless. #strike

— Kristina Kasalova (@lascalca)
ID: 2868538

London with this tube strike you are really spoiling us. Woman threw herself at back doors of bus in effort to get on and missed. Enough.

— Ali Germain (@AliGermain1)
ID: 2868515

9. Interpersonal relations were… strained.

If you stop me from getting my train because you're taking in the sights of Kings Cross station, prepare to get eye-rolled, hard.

— Laura Taylor (@laurataylor_)
ID: 2867740

Mate why is this woman giving me evils for not moving? Theres a fucking tube strike on bitch the trains packed

— Conor. (@conormccahey)
ID: 2867763

11. And manners? What manners?

F-U tube strike, in the office by 9 & only 1 really awful man got glared at! (He pushed in front of a preggers lady to get a seat, charmer)

— Sarah Wall (@Itswallo)
ID: 2868523

A woman tried to steal the Uber car I had waited 20 minutes for I called the driver and stole it backCan the tube strike end now

— Dominique Cojuangco (@dbcojuangco)
ID: 2868512

I need someone to hold my hand during the tube strike because I swear to god I’m going to have a breakdown from anger at all the rude people

— Sophoo Pongolly (@SophIsLame)
ID: 2868577

14. Things weren’t looking that great on the buses, either.

London Tube strike bus plan - from Bar Boulud trade call back to hotel - Bus 1 of 3 - #52 Knightsbridge to Victoria

— jane ferrari (@barossasaint)
ID: 2868677


— Fantasia Lopez (@LanaDelWrong)
ID: 2867641

Fucking tube strike is fucking everything up the buses are so slow coming out of London omg I'm already late and I'm not even on the bus yet

— *INSERT INSULT HERE* (@realstanfamily)
ID: 2867731

Damn tube strike, how can a bus just change its destination mid journey #rude

— Emma Endersby (@emmmalar)
ID: 2868556

My bus gave up halfway to work, so now I've gotta walk the rest of the way. Darn you, Tube Strike!

— Evan Edinger (@EvanEdinger)
ID: 2868669

19. Or on the water.

You know it's not going to be your day with tube strike and suspended Thames clipper due to fog. Fuck you strikers!

— Fred Coleridge Cole (@fredccole)
ID: 2867923

20. There was a lot of bag-related shade being thrown about.

There’s a tube strike on. Get your bag off the seat you tit.

— asterix (@asterixinspace)
ID: 2867689

Oh, did I make you move your bag so I could sit on the bus during this tube strike. I apologise, I absolutely deserve that look of hate.

— Alex S (Yelp!) (@yelplondon)
ID: 2867695

22. A lot.

There's a tube strike on, so the buses might be a bit busier today so move the bag you bought from fuckin Sports Direct off the spare seat.

— Seb White (@sebytfc)
ID: 2867697

23. And there wasn’t much love around for cyclists.

People on bikes in london are just fucking busy bodies, buy a car or get a bus, and when u get home go for a bike ride! Its not 1830's

— jacky boy (@jackyboyrogers)
ID: 2867712

(1/2) What kind of a cunt gets on a packed overground train with a bicycle during tube strike?! Shouldn't you be out there saving the planet

— Jacek Toczydlowski (@toczydlowski)
ID: 2867810

25. Or people on other forms of two-wheeled transport.

One of the worst things about #tubestrike is the increased number of idiots on adult scooters.

— El Murphy (@elmurphy)
ID: 2867736

In case of #tubestrike - bring your child's scooter to work and WHOOSH! Delays cut by 50%* *(fitness depending)

— Kayleigh Poacher (@Kapoochi)
ID: 2868563

27. In fact, the general consensus about the Tube strike was overwhelmingly negative.

For fuck sake tube strike go home. No one even likes you! You have no friends.

— James Lovett Turner (@James_LT)
ID: 2868104

The tube strike can go fuck its mum

— Shivie (@imshivie)
ID: 2867812

30. Next time there’s a Tube strike, I say we all take a breath and take a leaf out of this guy’s book.

Bertie the dog, unphased by the tube strikes. #tubestrike #TubeStrikeMakesMe #dogs #London

— Figure (@wearefigure)
ID: 2867707

31. Bertie the dog wins Day 2 of the April 2014 Tube strike.

ID: 2868061

32. Although our thoughts are those who bore the worst of it.

The tube strike has officially totally ruined my life, I should be at Topshop Oxford circus now with Kate Moss opening her collection #gah

— Emily Tatford (@emilytatford)
ID: 2867830

33. Brave souls like this.

Please tell me tube strike was just today? Tomorrow I'm intending to go to Camden to purchase a fruit bowl and I'll cry if there's problems.

— Hannah (@spannahsays)
ID: 2867827

34. They are the closest things we have to saints.

Drove my Porsche to work as usual. Great excuse to have a lie-in, go in an hour late. "Stuck in traffic." http://t.co/UJsYi8AFUv #tubestrike

— Skydiver Banker Geek (@XtreemX)
ID: 2868626

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