18 Wonderfully Weird Things That Happened On The London Underground In 2013

Stopping at all stations via “WTF?!”.

1. The pandas invaded.

ID: 2089075

2. This guy let it all out on the Bakerloo line.

ID: 2081284

3. The word’s oldest hipster read his paper.

ID: 2081289

4. This sign appeared.

ID: 2081293

5. As did this one.

ID: 2081298

6. Mile End station went all American teen movie.

ID: 2081300

7. 2013 was also the year of the fake TfL sign.

ID: 2089014

8. “This is a Piccadilly line service to Antarctica”.

ID: 2081321

9. Of course there were the obligatory quotes of the day.

ID: 2081610

10. From the sublime.

ID: 2081323

11. To the sublimer.

ID: 2081623

12. Someone shared a little too much.

ID: 2081350

13. While others got sick and tired of not getting a seat.

ID: 2081750

14. And why stop with chairs?

ID: 2081427

15. There was a glitch in the matrix.

ID: 2081485

16. The London to Rio line was launched.

ID: 2081727

17. The Jubilee line was the place to be.

ID: 2081520

18. And this guy took a picture of some shoes.

ID: 2081740

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Robin Edds is special projects editor at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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