18 Times Humanity Went Too Far

We truly are our own worst enemy.

1. When they decided this was a thing that needed to happen.

ID: 2582901

2. When the iPhone case for babies hit the shelves.

ID: 2582902

3. When this coffee shop opened.

ID: 2582903

4. When someone actually bought one of these.

ID: 2582904

5. And when this brand name was suggested.

ID: 2582910

6. When this sign happened.

ID: 2582920

7. Not to mention this one.

ID: 2582996

8. When this takeaway opened.

ID: 2582939

9. When someone decided lube needed to be more bacon-y.

ID: 2582968

10. When someone decided soda needed to be more bacon-y.

ID: 2582992

11. You get the idea…

ID: 2583086

12. When this selfie made us die inside.

ID: 2582971

13. And when this guy took the concept of photographing food to a new, altogether more wanky level.

ID: 2582972

14. When he put that there.

ID: 2582994

15. And when this guy decided he needed to take his work to the coffee shop.

ID: 2582997

16. When this person killed faceswapping forever.

ID: 2583052

17. When it was decided that underwear these days is far too two-dimensional.

ID: 2583085

18. But humanity’s lowest point to date? When the worst person that ever lived decided that mixing Skittles and M&M’s would be funny. :(

ID: 2583057

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Robin Edds is special projects editor at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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