17 Things Northerners Living In London Know To Be True

There’s no place like home.

1. Gravy in a Fish & Chip shop is as rare as a smiling southerner.

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2. No beer is worth five pounds.

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3. Nothing rivals the hate you feel when people cite Watford as the border between north and south.

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Please be quiet.

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4. More often than not people haven’t even heard of the place you’re from.

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5. It’s a very confused existence. You spend all your time in the north pointing out why it sucks and talking about how great London is.

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6. But if someone in London slags off the north you’ll defend it with every fibre of your being.

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7. You have to constantly put up with lazy stereotypes.

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8. And listen to people in London moan about the rain.

That’s not rain.

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9. This fact.

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10. Most attempts at your accent are just plain offensive.

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11. You can’t win. When you’re in London people laugh at how northern you sound.

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12. But as soon as you head home you get accused of sounding posh.

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13. The depressing truth that for the price of this flat in North London…

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…you could buy this house in your hometown.

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14. Your parents have their own ideas about life in London.

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15. There is a tangible feeling of relief when your train leaves London and hits the countryside.

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16. But getting the train back to London on a Sunday is a hell few can really understand.

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17. But it’s all worth it, because one day you’ll go back for good.

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Robin Edds is special projects editor at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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