The 26 Most East London Things That Have Ever Happened

Warning: This post may contain unicycles.

1. This pile of rubbish.

ID: 2503268

2. This real-life superhero.

ID: 2503301

3. This house.

ID: 2503273

4. The sorry tale of a lost shoe.

ID: 2503331

5. This excuse.

ID: 2503381

6. This graffitied review of graffiti.

ID: 2503302

7. This cockney ATM.

ID: 2503306

8. This desperate plea for tips.

ID: 2503259

9. This bike rack.

ID: 2503313

11. This bin.

ID: 2503316

12. The hippest pug in the whole damn town.

ID: 2503318

13. This giant sunbathing canary.

ID: 2503421

14. Whoever this is doing whatever this is.

ID: 2503332

15. This TfL update.

ID: 2503321

16. This door.

ID: 2503323

17. This comment on the local constabulary.

ID: 2503325

18. This thing that made us cry.

ID: 2503330

19. This misplaced military hardware.

ID: 2503389

20. This guy on his way to unicycle hockey practice.

ID: 2503333

21. This bus that knows all about Dalston.

Even TFL seem to think #Dalston is beyond a joke these days:

— Ben Gomori (@bengomori)
ID: 2503349

22. This LIGHTHEADED woman, am I right?

ID: 2503379

23. This bike.

Crazy man on a crazy bike #onlyineastlondon

— paul sprackling (@sprackling76)
ID: 2503380

24. Not to mention this one.

ID: 2503397

25. This corner shop that has broken space and time.

Am I drunk? #onlyinhackney

— (@josh_fo)
ID: 2503382

26. And finally this heartbreaking reminder than East London isn’t for everyone.

ID: 2503324

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Robin Edds is special projects editor at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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