The 28 Most Distressing First World Problems On Instagram

If you like quiche, look away now.

1. “Blueberry juice has leaked into my rice salad :(“

ID: 2310747

2. “@greenandblacks casually chuck a cherry-less cherry tree-shaped spanner in the works of my evening.”

ID: 2310741


ID: 2310758

4. “Time marches on. Back to the white cups. #boring”

ID: 2310755

5. “Busy arguing what are the chances of getting Diphyllobothrium latum from sushi or rather shashimi in this case. #seafood”

ID: 2310730

6. “I sprained my thumb opening up Erin’s homemade sesame seed kale chips while marveling at the @nest packaging.”

ID: 2310762

7. “A most Brighton of Brighton problems”

ID: 2310766

8. “Soaking nails to take off your #gelish is the most annoying boring thing in the world #TheThingsWomenDo”

ID: 2310768

9. “Julie left me this to read. Pretty much sums my life up perfectly! #toomanyholidays #notenoughmoney”

ID: 2310919

10. “Baked camembert slightly overdone”

ID: 2310926

11. “I want my a drink but my water is over there”

ID: 2310936

12. “Happy New Year everyone, all the best for everyone for the next 365 days. So many choices to make for 2014…”

ID: 2311279

13. “You see that window? That’s the front of the queue. And we’ve already been in it 15 minutes #Waitrose”

ID: 2311392

14. “Bad times. The cheeseboard wasn’t big enough, so we had to use two.”

ID: 2311396

15. “The present is too big.”

ID: 2311401

16. “Went to feed the ducks, could only find bleedin’ Swans. Urgh.”

ID: 2311410

17. “That feel when you buy a #Porsche but can’t afford another car so you’re stuck driving it in thirty below blizzard conditions.”

ID: 2311601

18. “Fire finally gets going when it’s time for bed!”

ID: 2311605

19. “My ferrero rocher pyramid collapsed!”

ID: 2311613

20. “Damn! Don’t have any old newspapers to stop getting soil everywhere. Will have to use The Bath Magazine instead.”

ID: 2311649

21. “What curtain tassels should I choose #johnlewiscrisis”

ID: 2311661

22. “Burnt my finger getting bread out the bread maker.”

ID: 2311667

23. “My parents got the worst orchestra seats this year”

ID: 2311673

24. “Where are my clothes supposed to go?”

ID: 2311676

25. “Oh no! #teatagdisaster #doesntbodewellfortherestoftheday”

ID: 2316179

26. “Great dessert at Locanda Locatelli, shame about the tasteless veal.”

ID: 2316183

27. “Private box at RAH. Had to drink out of plastic glasses #royalalberthall”

ID: 2316222

28. “The cous cous bowl. Worse thing to wash up ever.”

ID: 2316225

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Robin Edds is special projects editor at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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