25 Extremely British GIFs

Drizzle. Royalty. Swearing. That about covers it, right?

1. Captain Blackadder being sarcastic.

ID: 1404017

2. Will from The Inbetweeners telling some seagulls to fuck off.

ID: 1404029

3. David Bowie being the coolest man on the planet.

ID: 1403963

4. Socially awkward royals.

ID: 1397952

5. Bill Nighy having a meltdown.

ID: 1403994

6. Overly polite wizards.

ID: 1403838

7. Some band from the ’60s.

ID: 1403997

8. Tom Hiddleston using the word thwart.

ID: 1397987

9. This bloke from Skins getting pissed.

ID: 1403972

10. James Bond meeting the Queen.

ID: 1398038

11. Bradley Wiggins covering The Jam.

ID: 1403981

12. Malcolm Tucker swearing.

ID: 1398135

13. Stephen Fry saying this…

ID: 1403844

14. Big Ben partially obscured by drizzle.

ID: 1397865

15. Simon Pegg telling you to jog on.

ID: 1403990

16. Sir Kenneth Branagh reciting Shakespeare whilst dressed as Isambard Kingdom Brunel at the London 2012 Opening Ceremony.

ID: 1398303

17. Martin Freeman drinking tea.

ID: 1398326

18. Benedict Cumberbatch drinking tea.

ID: 1398341

19. Lily Allen stirring her tea because it’s too hot to drink.

ID: 1403973

20. Bowie and Jagger just doing what they do.

ID: 1403970

21. Stephen Fry dressed as a Tudor with his chain stuck in his ruff.

ID: 1398656

22. Alan Partridge pondering one of life’s great questions.

ID: 1404007

23. David Mitchell and his troublesome cat.

ID: 1404003

24. This bloke talking about the rain.

ID: 1398923

25. And The Queen riding a corgi through time and space.

ID: 1397962

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Robin Edds is special projects editor at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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