21 Sad Etsy Boyfriends Who Need Our Help

Are you a sad Etsy boyfriend or do you know someone who is? Call our helpline.

1. What’s a sad Etsy boyfriend? This. This is a sad Etsy boyfriend.

ID: 1839533

2. A man who will apparently do anything for the person he loves.

ID: 1839534

3. Literally anything.

ID: 1839537

4. He values the happiness of those around him above his own.

ID: 1839539

6. He’ll allow people to make him look like a cock.

ID: 1839544

7. Or wear a cock, for that matter.

ID: 1839545

8. Just to help his loved one flog a few poorly made hats.

ID: 1839547

10. But mostly hats.

ID: 1839565

11. They’re often forced to wear said items in public.

ID: 1839561

12. Sure, they can look away from the camera.

ID: 1839569

13. Or try to disguise themselves with a hood.

ID: 1839572

14. But nothing can hide their shame.

ID: 1839574

15. Not even a knitted beard.

ID: 1839641

16. Sometimes pets are dragged into it. They’re no happier about the situation.

ID: 1839643

17. Just imagine for one second how hard being an Etsy boyfriend must be.

ID: 1839647

18. Being forced to wear this, and for it to end up appearing on sites like BuzzFeed.

ID: 1839645

19. It’s too much for most men to take.

ID: 1839650

20. Please, won’t somebody think of the sad Etsy boyfriends?!

ID: 1839649

21. Although this guy has no right to be sad. BEST. SHIRT. EVER.

ID: 1839575

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Robin Edds is special projects editor at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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