Meet The Painfully Cute Police Pups Who Are Coming To Arrest You

A life of crime has never seemed so appealing.

1. Say hello to the newest litter of crime-fighting police dogs.

The dogs, who are being trained by the Isle of Man Constabulary, are now 50 days old. There are nine of them - six girls, three boys. You should remember their names, because be warned… they’ll remember yours!

ID: 1587891

2. There’s Daisy.

ID: 1588182

8. Echo (giving Lulu a piggy back).

ID: 1587938

11. You may be thinking, “If police dogs are that cute, I should commit some crimes”.

ID: 1588019

12. But don’t let their fluffiness deceive you.

ID: 1587919

13. You know how they say if you want to know what a girl will look like when she’s older, look at her mum?

ID: 1588028

14. Well, this is their mum, Saxon. Gonna mess with her? Thought not.

ID: 1587987

15. Of the 9 dogs, 3 will go on to work for the Isle of Man police force, 3 will head off to Cumbria police, 1 will go to a charity, while 2 will stay on the island as pets.

ID: 1587900

16. From the moment they were born, they’ve been eager to learn.

ID: 1587932

17. Every day they’re getting more agile.

ID: 1587904

18. Venus has found ways of speeding up her growth.

ID: 1587908

19. Polo takes a firm stand against crimes of fashion in particular.

ID: 1588041

20. And they laugh (or woof) in the face of danger.

ID: 1588009

21. They’ve been lending a hand with the chores. They paint.

ID: 1588006

22. They empty the bin.

ID: 1588031

23. Though, to be honest, they’re not as helpful as they think they are.

ID: 1588071

24. If they don’t want to let you past, they won’t let you past.

ID: 1587928

26. And they’re not big on sharing.

ID: 1588032

27. You don’t want to be around when it all kicks off.

ID: 1588066

28. So next time you’re considering breaking the law, think twice.

ID: 1587958

29. You don’t want these guys to turn up at your door… right?

ID: 1588022

For regular updates (or ‘pupdates’, if you will) make sure you follow @IOMPoliceDogs on Twitter.

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Robin Edds is special projects editor at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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