"Home Alone" Reenacted By Pugs Is The Only Christmas Present You Need

Keep the change you filthy animal.

1. This is pug Kevin. Pug Kevin loves Christmas.

ID: 2096668

2. But his annoying older brother ate his plain cheese pizza, so he spills some milk and gets grounded.

ID: 2096666

3. But then his family go on holiday the next day, and they forget all about him.

ID: 2096670

4. He’s pretty happy about this. (It’s hard to tell when pugs are smiling, but trust us, he is.)

ID: 2096673

5. But then some bad guys turn up.

ID: 2096674

6. So, being a clever pug, he pretends that there’s loads of people in the house to scare them away.

ID: 2096675

7. But they come back, so he sets up traps. Because this is his pug house, and he has to defend it.

ID: 2096681

8. Basically pug Kevin is just as badass as human Kevin except he’s a pug so he’s probably more badass.

ID: 2096682

9. We don’t want to ruin the whole film for you, so you can watch it in full below.

ID: 2096713

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Robin Edds is special projects editor at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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