“Find The Chair” Might Just Be The Greatest TV Show You’ve Never Seen

Only in Japan…unfortunately.

This is Find the Chair. The greatest TV show (though it might just be an individual round on an equally great TV show) that you’ve never seen. Here’s how it works…

Step 1: The contestant puts on a blindfold while a man in white trousers tip-toes around behind him.


Step 2: White Trouser Man carefully considers where to put his chair, while the blindfolded guy listens intently for any chair-on-floor action.


Step 3: Finally happy, White Trouser Man confidently sets down his chair. SPOILER: SHIT IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN.


Step 4: Confident in his listening skills, Blindfold Guy heads off in search of the chair, until…


Step 5: LOL that was good. Let’s watch it from another angle.


Step 6: That must have really hurt your shins, so let’s head over to your teammates for some sympathy. Oh.


Step 7: Try not to cry on camera.


If there’s any justice Find the Chair will be coming to a network near you soon. But it probably won’t. Check out the clip in full (and with sound) below.

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Robin Edds is a senior writer for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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