27 British People Who Must Be Stopped

But the rest of us are just lovely. Promise.

1. This guy who really likes winter.

ID: 2380466

2. This Peri-Peri naughty boy.

ID: 2399653

3. This unlucky fella.

ID: 2380499

4. These looters who are waiting patiently.

ID: 2380422

5. This student.

ID: 2380529

6. This guy who makes his own rules.

ID: 2380758

7. Mr Jones.

ID: 2380852

8. This guy who’s been working on his base tan.

ID: 2380924

9. This mother-to-be.

ID: 2399621

10. Snow White.

ID: 2381033

11. The driver who thought this was an adequate solution.

ID: 2382383

12. This student who stapled his testicles after losing at FIFA.

ID: 2399561

13. This hungry young man.

ID: 2399706

14. This news reporter who picked up a pack of paper thinking it was his iPad.

ID: 2399562

15. Whoever did this.

ID: 2399570

16. This Hampstead resident.

ID: 2399585

17. This commuter ruining everyone’s day.

ID: 2399586

18. This woman who definitely isn’t a pirate.

ID: 2399616

19. This person who shouldn’t be trusted to be allowed near birds. Or barbecues.

ID: 2399619

20. This guy who really needs to stop digging.

ID: 2399623

21. The owner of this car.

ID: 2399625

22. Gavin Henson.

ID: 2399630

23. This lovable little scamp.

Via Sunday Sport
ID: 2399636

24. This frustrated gamer.

ID: 2399640

25. This guy who probably had to answer a few questions.

ID: 2399650

26. This councillor.

ID: 2399707

27. And finally this woman, who actually didn’t need to stop at all.

ID: 2380349

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Robin Edds is special projects editor at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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