Angry Tottenham Fans Have Been Harassing An Innocent Woman Thanks To Her Unfortunate Twitter Handle

It’s hard to tell who’s having a worse day, Andre Villas-Boas or Ashley Van Buren.

1. This is New Yorker Ashley Van Buren. She isn’t the manager of Tottenham Hotspur FC.

2. This is Andre Villas-Boas. He isn’t the manager of Tottenham Hotspur FC either. Although he was until his side got thrashed 5-0 at home by Liverpool.

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Between the final whistle on Sunday evening and Villas-Boas losing his job on Monday morning, Spurs fans took to Twitter to vent their frustrations. Trouble is, rather than venting them at the best dressed man in football, they sent them to innocent New Yorker Ashley Van Buren thanks to her unfortunate Twitter handle - @AVB.

3. And despite her protestations the tweets kept coming, so Ashley came up with a rather innovative way of dealing with the misplaced hate.

One boy, Boy for sale. He's going cheap #Oliver RT @ChelseaGooner: Can't wait for @AVB to get thrown to the street like the cunt that he is

— avb (@Ashley Van Buren)

The sun will come out tomorrow! #Annie RT @SwaghaLikeUs: @avb you are a mf moron I hope you die

— avb (@Ashley Van Buren)

With hope in your heart/And you'll never walk alone/You'll never walk alone! #Carousel RT @DippyAFC: @avb spurs are shit!!!!

— avb (@Ashley Van Buren)

Right you are, sir, would you like a drop of ale?RT @assaids: @avb Shower of shit today. Enjoy your last evening as Tottenham manager faggot

— avb (@Ashley Van Buren)

10. We’ve been here before. Remember poor old John Lewis (not the shop) who turned out to be the nicest man on the planet?

11. And Ashley isn’t the first American to get caught up in British sporting crossfire. Poor @theashes.

12. So the lesson to anyone throwing in a random Twitter handle before checking whether it’s the right one…

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