12 Reasons Why We Need A Full House Reunion Episode

With the original cast.

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Haven’t you wondered what’s happened after all of these years? Here are the top 12 reasons we NEED a Full House reunion EPISODE.

2. 1. Are Danny and Vicky together again?


We know he was uncomfortable about her being older. By 1 year. But remember when he proposed to her via fireworks at Disney World?

3. 2. Did DJ marry Steve?

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And is she still wearing those neck chokers?

4. 3. Do we find out if “Brett Brett” is still super cute all these years later?

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5. aka Rocky from 3 Ninjas Kick Back?

6. 4. Which Olsen will play Michelle?

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Mary-Kate or Ashley?

7. 5. Did Jesse and Rebecca finally move out?

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And where was that apartment anyways?

8. 6. Does Joey still live under the stairs? Or in the Garage?

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Or did he finally move out too?

9. 7. Did Kimmy ever get a real phone?

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And do her feet really smell?

10. 8. Is the Smash Club still rockin’?

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And is Ben Stein still the hippest music critic in San Francisco?

11. 9. Does Jesse still hang out with the Beach Boys?

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And is he still randomly performing Elvis songs when on vacation?

12. 10. Did Nicky and Alex end up like their parents imagined they would?

And if so, is Alex still chaffing?

13. 11. Will Michelle and Howie ever be together?

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Howie no go

14. And last but not least

15. 12. Is Rusty still causing trouble?

He’s probably in jail.

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