7 Things Japan Did To Welcome Rock Band KISS’s Return This Year

As part of KISS’s 40th Anniversary Monster Tour, members visited Japan for the first time in 7 years. Japanese fans welcomed the return of the band in ways that are uniquely Japanese.

1. Made Special Steam Buns Featuring KISS

Convenience store chain Circle K Sunkus has started selling special steam buns featuring KISS since weeks before the band arrived. Charcoal black buns are imprinted with the band logo and filled with bright red, spicy chili to homage the band’s dark image.

2. Turned the Band into Smartphone Game Characters

SEGA’s smartphone game Demon Tribe 2.0 is offering a special mission in the game where you get to fight with KISS demons. The two special demons are called “Kiss the Starchild” and “Kiss the Demon” with highly stylized designs based on Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons.

3. Had the Band Collaborate with HELLO KITTY

KISS x Hello Kitty Japan Shopping is the world’s first shopping site specialized in KISS and Hello Kitty collaboration products. Several items unique to Japanese culture are sold here, including KISS x Hello Kitty tenugui (Japanese traditional hand towels) and happi coats (traditional coats imprinted with special crests).

Happi coat design (front and back)

Gene and Paul checking out the Hello Kitty coats.

This is one of the tenugui hand towel designs.

4. Put Gene Simmons Illustration on the Cover of Manga Magazine

Weekly manga magazine Big Comic had Gene Simmons illustration for its cover for October 10th issue.

5. Treated the Band with Complimentary KISS Sweets

As the band arrives at the hotel in Japan, members were treated with these special sweets in their hotel rooms. How cute!

6. Concert Concierges Show Up with Makeups

This is the true proper attire for the show!

7. More Sweets During the Tour!

A present given to the band while they stayed at Osaka!

Some Photos of Fans

Here are some photos of people on their way to the KISS concert in Makuhari. You see some of them are wearing those Hello Kitty outfits… Hope the band enjoyed the visit too!

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