August Is The Worst Month

Let’s cancel it.

1. This is August

31 days of misery.

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2. It is the worst. Just awful

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3. It ain’t right.

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4. For so many, many reasons.

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5. August is the armpit of the calendar.

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6. Be prepared for lots of this

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7. Also this…

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8. This, too.

So awful.

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9. brb never

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10. The bugs are bigger, louder and scarier in August.

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14. August has no holidays. None. 0. Ziltch. Nada.

January has New Year’s Day, of course; February has Valentine’s Day; March has St. Patrick’s Day; April usually has Easter; May, Mother’s Day; June, Father’s Day; July, Independence Day; September, Labor Day; October, Halloween; November, Thanksgiving; and December brings us Christmas and Hannukah.

As you see, each month has something to observe; a day or season to look forward to.

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16. Then there’s August, which brings us…

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17. National Back To School Month

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18. Neurosurgery Outreach Month

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19. National Immunization Awareness Month

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20. and…

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21. Wait for it…

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23. It’s cheese from goats. All. Month. Long.

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24. Most vacations are over or soon will be.

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25. Historically August is a terrible month.

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26. Vesuvius erupted on August 24, 49 AD, killing 20,000.

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27. President Lincoln signed the first income tax into law in August of 1861

In fact, the law is ACTUALLY called the “Act of August 5, 1861.”

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28. Babe Ruth died in August.

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29. As did Marilyn Monroe.

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30. Elvis, too.

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31. So did Princess Diana

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32. The Guadalcanal Campaign began on August 7, 1942

Via Guadalcanal Campaign
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33. August 2, 1964 gave us the Tonkin Incident which lead the US to Vietnam

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34. Nixon resigned.

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35. Wild Bill was shot.

Holding aces and eights

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36. The British burnt the White House

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37. The Beatles gave their final concert

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39. Even sports are awful during August.

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40. Baseball is going through the motions till the World Series in 2 months.

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41. The NFL is fielding third string players.

But charging top dollar for pre-season games.

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42. The Cubs are looking toward next year.

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43. Even birds have enough sense to leave August behind.

That’s when they begin their southern migration.

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