20 Signs You Are From The Country

You can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy.

1. You learned to drive a tractor before you could LEGALLY drive a car.

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2. Your wading pool was a livestock tank.

ID: 1338630

3. “Going into town” was an event.

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4. You went to school in one of these.

Woodman School in Lolo Creek, Mont., where I’m from.

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5. You made forts in the hay shed.

ID: 1338653

6. You’ve strung fence.

ID: 1338659

7. The county fair was THE event of the whole year.

ID: 1338665

8. You had to fill the wood box.

ID: 1338667

9. You know how to gather eggs without getting pecked.

ID: 1338673

10. You cleaned horse stalls on a regular basis.

ID: 1338676

11. After all these years, buying milk from a store still feels wrong.

ID: 1338679

12. This was your swimming pool.

ID: 1338686

13. These were your pets.

ID: 1338707

14. Your idea of yard work is a little different than most.

ID: 1338713

15. You shot cans as a childhood pastime.

ID: 1338718

16. Tractor parades thrill you.

ID: 1338719

17. You measure distance in hours.

ID: 1338728

18. You grew up in a house where the doors were never locked.

ID: 1338732

19. You’ve never tasted colder, better water than right out of the garden hose.

ID: 1338738

20. You want to go back all the time…

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