17 Essential Kris Jenner GIFs For Your Reaction GIF Folder

Your social media relevance may very well hang in the balance.

1. When you need a shiny distraction.

ID: 1547908

2. When you need to keep it real.

ID: 1547924

3. When it’s all about you.

ID: 1547950

4. When you can’t even.

ID: 1547975

5. When you are so done.

ID: 1548000

6. When you are awestruck.

ID: 1548014

7. When you’re remembering the good times.

ID: 1548046

8. When you are remembering the not so good times.

ID: 1548104

9. When you can’t bring yourself to say it.

ID: 1548083

10. When you’re finna get drunk.

ID: 1548194

11. When you’re drunk.

ID: 1548165

12. When it’s gettin rough.

ID: 1548212

13. When it’s to early for this shit.

ID: 1548236

14. When you’re having one of THOSE days.

ID: 1548266

15. When you’re like OMG OMG OMG!!!!

ID: 1548340

16. When your family comes to visit.

ID: 1548366

17. When you need to GTFO.

ID: 1548381

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