This Commuter’s Awkward Reaction To A Guy Singing On The Tube Is The Most London Thing Ever

It’s all too much.

1. This video of an enthusiastic Drake fan belting out an emotional rendition of “Take Care” featuring Rihanna on the Tube originally uploaded two years ago has been doing the rounds again.

The wannabe superstar in the clip appears oblivious to his surrounding as he serenades the busy London Underground carriage.

2. But what really makes the video is this guy on the left.

3. As the clip continues the unidentified “businessman” tries his very best not to laugh at the horrible awkwardness of it all.

4. “Oh it’s so unbearable.”

5. “Why is everyone pretending this isn’t happening??”

6. “Why are we all looking at our shoes instead of at the guy singing to a carriage full of strangers?!?”

7. “Just…too….awkward.”

8. Never change London.

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Richard James is the UK news editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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