This Dog Lived Under A Shed For A Year After His Owner Died Hoping They Would Return

Prepare for your heart to be melted.

1. The Hope for Paws animal rescue organisation in Los Angeles posted this hearthbreaking video of Woody the abandoned poodle at the weekend. / Via Hope for Paws
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2. The clip claims when Woody’s owner died, the family sold their house and left the dog behind. / Via Hope for Paws

For a year Woody apparently waited under a nearby shed hoping his owner would return.

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3. Neighbours left him food and water as they looked for someone to take care of him. / Via Hope for Paws
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4. The video shows staff from the rescue centre encouraging Woody to leave the shed. / Via Hope for Paws

They can be heard pointing out Woody is blind in one eye.

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5. “For the first time in a long time, Woody felt love again,” the video explains. / Via Hope for Paws
ID: 3403389

6. After being rescued, Woody was given a makeover. / Via Hope for Paws
ID: 3403387

7. With his matted fur shaved off by staff. / Via Hope for Paws
ID: 3403388

8. Underneath the fur, Woody was a tiny and frail dog. / Via Hope for Paws
ID: 3403390 / Via Hope for Paws
ID: 3403391

10. But under the care of Hope for Paws he began to regain his strength. / Via Hope for Paws
ID: 3403392

11. And Woody is now ready to be adopted. / Via Hope for Paws
ID: 3403393

12. Staff say all Woody now needs is a forever home. / Via Hope for Paws
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