There Is A New Tiptoeing Dance Craze And It Is Amazing

Every one a six-second gem. *Sound required*

1. This is “Tip Toe Wing in My Jawwdinz” by Houston rapper Riff Raff. It’s a pretty catchy tune.

ID: 3510824

2. As with “Harlem Shake”, people on the internet have started using a small section of the track to make weird and wonderful dance videos.

ID: 3507140

3. The basic premise appears to be that as long as you’re tiptoeing you’re doing it right.

ID: 3507047

4. Some have created group efforts.

ID: 3507035
ID: 3507067
ID: 3507058
ID: 3504727

8. Others are a bit more flexible. / Via Brianna Darwin
ID: 3504517

9. There are numerous comedic sketches.

ID: 3507046
ID: 3507107

11. Including using current viral Vines.

ID: 3504440

12. Inevitably, people have also started dubbing the track over old videos to improve them significantly.

ID: 3504418
ID: 3504420
ID: 3504463
ID: 3506905
ID: 3504479
ID: 3504523
ID: 3504627
ID: 3504714
ID: 3504642
ID: 3504671
ID: 3504720
ID: 3507123
ID: 3507132

25. Some people still don’t get it.

ID: 3507073

26. It’s pretty simple, though.

ID: 3507119

27. Well done, everyone.

ID: 3507137

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