The First Instagram Picture Ever Uploaded Is Now Four Years Old

Obviously it included a dog.

1. Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom uploaded this picture on July 16 2010.

It was the first-ever Instagram post.

Systrom says the picture was taken at a taco stand in Todos Santos, Mexico.

ID: 3404058

A blog post by Instagram also reveals the image was actually uploaded to an app called Codename.

“Three months later, in October 2010, Instagram launched to the public,” it recalls.

ID: 3404095

3. But no one really cares about that: it’s the dog we’re interested in.

ID: 3404110

4. And now Systrom has another unbelievably cute puppy in his home.

ID: 3404113
ID: 3404115

6. Dolly even has her own Instagram profile.

ID: 3404122
ID: 3404126
ID: 3404127
ID: 3404130
ID: 3404136

11. This is the real reason Instagram was created.

ID: 3404137

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Richard James is the UK news editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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