26 Stages Of Wanting A Pet In A City

“I will never be truly happy until I have a dog.”

1. You love cute animals.

ID: 2722323

2. Your life would be complete if you had one of these.

ID: 2737683

3. However, you live here.

ID: 2737526

4. Not really going to work.

ID: 2722686

5. Time to reconsider. Something smaller?

ID: 2727488

6. Nope.

(Photo: Justin Sullivan / Getty)
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7. NOPE.

(Photo: Frederick M. Brown / Getty)
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8. Now you’re just being ridiculous.

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9. While you battle with this huge, life-defining issue, you spot cute animals everywhere.

ID: 2722295

10. Your overriding reaction is always like this:

ID: 2727510

11. And you give serious thought to stealing someone else’s pride and joy.

ID: 2722307


ID: 2722259

13. “I will carry ALL the dogs on the Tube!”

ID: 2737455

14. “Oh, this is so terrible. I hate this city and all the wankers who are ruining my happiness.”

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15. “I can’t even watch Crufts anymore.”

(Photo: Matt Cardy / Getty)
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ID: 2722418

17. “Right, fuck this, I’m moving to a farm and I’m going to own 50 dogs and they are all going to be my best friends and we are going to be happy forever.”

ID: 2727516

18. *And breathe*

ID: 2722281

19. You convince yourself that if you got a dog you would do more exercise.

ID: 2722461

20. Which is clearly a massive lie.

ID: 2722316

21. Because when all is said and done, to have one of these:

(Photo: Gary Gershoff / Getty for American Kennel Club)
ID: 2727557

22. You need a lot of this.

sudeepuk / Via Flickr: sudeepuk
ID: 2737540

23. And this.

Paramount Pictures / Via
ID: 2737553

24. And so the sickening realisation sets in — as you’re still struggling to feed yourself, a pet really isn’t a viable option.

ID: 2722466

25. Which is just heartbreaking.

ID: 2722336

26. But one day you will own a pet and on that day you will find true happiness.

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Richard James is the UK news editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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