Lots Of People Think Holland Actually Scored Their First Penalty Against Argentina

Well now.

1. Ron Vlaar took Holland’s first penalty against Argentina during Tuesday’s semi-final and missed.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos / Getty
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2. Or did he? Footage has now emerged suggesting the Aston Villa defender’s penalty may actually have rolled back into the goal after Sergio Romero saved it.

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3. Let’s look at that again.

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4. One more time.

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5. Wow that is pretty damn close.

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6. People have now started speculating Vlaar’s penalty should have counted.

Surely Ron Vlaar's penalty should have counted? Just seen the video of the ball spinning back into the net after Romero saves and celebrates

— Jimmy Riding (@JimmyRiding_)
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@RonVlaar4 me and my friends are of the opinion your penalty actually spun back in. Could you clarify if you touched it a 2nd time. Thanks

— Dean McAuley (@LeftWingForward)
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In Germany this is called a Goal! (Did Ron Vlaar’s penalty in World Cup semi-final cross the line?)

— MarcSchmoeger (@MarcSchmoeger)
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That Ron Vlaar penalty is mad as if it actually went in and no one noticed

— Sam King (@samkingy_)
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That Ron Vlaar penalty is unreal, ha! Shame.

— HOLLXND (@AJHolland17)
ID: 3327884

Ron Vlaar's penalty might or might not have crossed the line after bouncing. Does it matter? It was saved. Lets accept it. #NED

— Vikas Plakkot (@thesixthking)
ID: 3327901

Here is @RonVlaar4's penalty from another angle. I think goal line technology needs to be used on penalties.

— Ben Trow (@BenTrow)
ID: 3327902

That Ron Vlaar penalty thing is actually true though, technically it was a goal wasn't it???

— Brad (@spanishturnip)
ID: 3327904

Guys, please. Ron Vlaar's penalty did not go in and he touched it twice. No illuminati involved. He missed.

— Aáron Schutze (@bigaldinho)
ID: 3327882

15. Did the ball touch his shoulder? DID IT???

Probably, meaning the penalty wouldn’t have counted even if the ball had crossed the line. But let’s not allow that ruin a good conspiracy theory.

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