Incredible Timelapse Video Captures Tiny Premature Baby’s 80 Days In Intensive Care

“I was scared I was going to drown him in tears.”

1. Walker Colt Pruett weighed just 1lb, 3ozs when he was born at 26 weeks in April of this year.

His parents, Erica and Jared, had to wait five days before they could hold him at the Forsyth Medical Center in Winston Salem, North Carolina, and were only allowed to spend 45 minutes with him each day.

In total, Walker spent 80 days in the neo-natal intensive care unit before he was allowed to go home.

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2. During that time Erica and Jared decided to keep a daily blog of their son’s progress in hospital.

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His time in the NICU was also captured by photographer Deneen Bryan, the founder of non-profit organisation Capturing Hopes Photography.

The company provides professional photography for families of children in hospital free of charge.

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3. Using the pictures, Bryan created the timelapse video above of Walker’s first 80 days.

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Erica told Martinsville Bulletin: “She [Bryan] was excellent to us. She actually chose him as one of her ‘100 day babies,’ because he was so little that they were estimating he would be (in NICU) around 100 days.”

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4. “She came every single day that he was in the NICU and took a picture of him. After we left the NICU, she did a photoshoot with us. She gave us the complete rights to all those pictures.”

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5. Erica also spoke about what the family went through at that time: “He was just so, so tiny. You couldn’t touch him. You couldn’t rub him. You just had to pat his skin, because his skin was so fragile.”

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6. Describing the first time she held her son, Erica added: “I was scared I was going to drown him in tears. It was amazing.”

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7. She said the amount of support the family has received since Walker’s birth has been amazing.

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Fundraising events have been held for the couple and Walker, raising thousands of dollars.

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8. Erica said the outpouring of support had been “humbling and amazing”.

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And thousands of people are continuing to read Walker’s blog.

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9. A post on Friday said Walker was “doing great” after going back to hospital for a hernia surgery.

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10. He now weighs 6lb, 1.4ozs, which is over five times his birth weight.

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11. Walker’s grandmother, Kerry Walker also spoke to the Martinsville Bulletin and said: “I was worried about all three of them, but they were very strong.”

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12. “I don’t think I could have handled things like they did. They just immediately took their roles as parents and were advocates for that child when they were in the NICU with him. They made me very proud.”

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16. You can read more about Walker’s journey here.

Capturing Hopes Photography

Capturing Hopes Photography

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