Festivalgoers Were Caught Urinating On The 7/7 Memorial After A Black Sabbath Gig

People didn’t react as you might expect.

1. This picture emerged on Imgur earlier this week appearing to show two people urinating on the 7/7 memorial in Hyde Park.

wegotblankets/ Imgur

It was apparently taken after the British Summer Time concert headlined by Black Sabbath in the park on Friday.

2. A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said: “Police are aware of an image which shows a purported public order offence being committed at the 7/7 memorial.”

“Officers are making immediate enquiries. Police take matters of this nature seriously.”

3. Rather than outrage, most of the people on Reddit who saw the picture said they wouldn’t have realised it was a memorial to the 52 people killed in the 2005 terrorist attack on the London transport network:

6. Other comments included:

I would never have known that this was a 7/7 memorial just by looking at it unless it had inscriptions. Drunk people probably wouldn’t even be able to read the inscriptions, especially in the dark.

I’m from london and had no idea this existed.

I honestly wouldn’t even know that was a memorial. It just looks like some shit art.
Basically, if I was completely shitfaced I might piss on this memorial and wake up to universal hate from the entire country.

7. On Monday, the memorial was also covered in graffiti on the ninth anniversary of the bombings.

James Banks reporter / Via Twitter: @Tweetingbanksy

9. The graffiti was eventually washed off and officers said the incident was being treated as criminal damage.

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