British Model Receives Death Threats On Twitter After Being Mistaken For Hapless Brazilian Footballer

Bad Twitter.

1. British model Marcello Ferri received a torrent of abuse online after Twitter users confused him with the Brazilian footballer who scored an own goal in the opening game of the World Cup.

2. The fitness model, who lives in London, owns the Twitter handle @marcello and began receiving abuse after Brazil’s left-back Marcelo accidentally put the ball in his own net during the first half of last night’s match against Croatia.

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10. The London-based model said:

When I got home I was getting loads of tweets including death threats. I was scared at first I just thought ‘What have I done?’

I joked ‘When will the World Cup end?’ and someone responded ‘When you die’.

You have to take some of this stuff on the chin but some of this was going too far. Twitter should act to ban these people. They hide behind their keyboards but they need to be held to account.

12. Ferri said the fact his surname is spelt differently to the footballer spoke volumes about who was sending the abuse last night.


14. And this is Marcelo Vieira.

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Brazil went on to win last night’s match 3-1 after two goals from Neymar and one by Chelsea midfielder Oscar.

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