Artist Creates Incredible 3D Carpet To Highlight Fukushima Disaster

The artwork is currently on display in a shopping centre.

1. Dutch artist Jeroen Bisscheroux has created a stunning optical illusion to highlight the devastation caused by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Jeroen Bisscheroux
ID: 2826792

2. According to the artist, the 3D blanket - entitled POOL, loss of colour – “unites the tsunami in Sendai and the disaster in Fukushima in one image”.

Jeroen Bisscheroux
ID: 2826803

3. “By transforming the two disasters to a human scale, this carpet makes it possible for people to feel that this disaster should not be [forgotten] as something that happened somewhere far from them,” he said.

Jeroen Bisscheroux
ID: 2826806

4. “The pool equally resembles the suppression pool of the Fukushima nuclear power plant, which currently drains highly radioactive material.”

Jeroen Bisscheroux

“The expectation is that a vast area of water and land will be unusable for an indefinite period. Human existence, growing crops and fishery will be impossible,” the Daily Mail quotes Bisscheroux as saying.

ID: 2826798

5. The carpet is currently on display in the Osaka shopping centre.

Jeroen Bisscheroux
ID: 2826805

6.POOL, loss of colour aims to create more awareness, [and] emphasises the importance of the current events in Fukushima,” Bisscheroux declared.

Jeroen Bisscheroux
ID: 2826848

7. The 2011 disaster killed almost 16,000 people and caused a catastrophic failure at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.

You can check out more of Bisscheroux’s work here.

ID: 2826969

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