£2 Million Has Now Been Raised By This Inspirational Teenager Dying Of Cancer

Stephen Sutton’s campaign has been backed by numerous celebrities.

1. Over £2 million has now been raised for charity by a 19-year-old with terminal cancer after a host of celebrities supported his campaign.

Stephen Sutton was diagnosed with bowel cancer at the age of 15 and told two years later it was terminal.

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2. After posting a “final thumbs up” message on Facebook on Tuesday evening, donations have flooded in to the “Stephen’s Story” JustGiving page.

Following his diagnosis, Sutton drew up a bucket list of 46 tasks he wanted to complete before his death, including raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust.

He set an original target of £10,000, but soon surged past that total after his campaign began trending heavily on Twitter and Facebook.

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3. The surge has been sparked by numerous celebrities tweeting their support for Sutton, led by comedian Jason Manford.

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4. Actors, former Olympians and other comedians have all shown their support.

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Help this remarkable young man reach an amazing ਲM for the Teenage Cancer Trust. #ThumbsUpForStephen

— Simon Pegg (@simonpegg)
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What an incredibly brave man. Please donate! @_StephensStory #ThumbsUpForStephen

— Rebecca Adlington (@BeckAdlington)
ID: 2834088

Txt STEPHEN to 70500 to donate ਵ to teenage cancer. #ThumbsUpForStephen @JasonManford @_StephensStory

— Chris Hoy (@chrishoy)
ID: 2834089

I apologise the right twitter name for this brave you man is @_StephensStory. Thanks

— John Bishop (@JohnBishop100)
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Only James bloody Nesbitt! #ThumbsupforStephen https://t.co/guWz2xt3qh

— JasonManford (@JasonManford)
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Look Paul Whitehouse has a message for you for @_StephensStory. #ThumbsupforStephen

— JasonManford (@JasonManford)
ID: 2834094

Let's do this guys! @_StephensStory

— Jack Whitehall (@jackwhitehall)
ID: 2834097

#ThumbsUpForStephen folks! Text 70500 to donate a fiver for @TeenageCancer

— Al Murray (@almurray)
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hey twitter family please support @_stephensstory text 70500 to donate a fiver or http://t.co/KLbmGhXguq

— Helen Skelton-Myler (@HelenSkelton)
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Thumbs up from me! Help @_StephensStory raise money for @TeenageCancer

— Bill Bailey (@BillBailey)
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— noel fielding (@noelfielding11)
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17. Speaking to ITV’s Daybreak, Manford said:

It was that he [Sutton] had such joy for life, he wasn’t bitter about leaving the party earlier, he was just happy that he was ever invited at all.

Personally, I’m angry that I might die at 90, that annoys me now. He’s 19, which is no age at all, there’s so many things he hasn’t been able to do.

There was something he said on his Facebook page and website when he said: ‘Life shouldn’t be measured in time, it should be measured in achievements accomplished’ and I thought : ‘This guy is 19, like he really got to me’.”

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18. On Thursdsay, Sutton was continuing to post messages on his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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Hi everyone, it's Stephen here- still here and still fighting!!! Throughout the whole journey I've been realistic... http://t.co/s6F2wzmv7k

— Stephen's Story (@_StephensStory)
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20. Click here to visit the 19-year-old’s website and read more about his story.

You can donate to his JustGiving page here.

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