The Art Of The Sickie

How pull off the perfect sneaky sick day.

1. Sometimes you just need a day off!

2. But your boss is less this…


3. …and more this.

Via Warner Bros.

4. What you need is a sickie!

An Aussie tradition, like taking Quokka selfies.

5. Follow these steps to pull off the perfect unofficial holiday like boss.


Except not like a boss… because you are chucking a sickie.

6. STEP 1: Lay the ground work

Via Universal Pictures

No boss trusts a sick call out of nowhere. Back up your story with a sniffle and nagging cough the day before!

7. STEP 2: Make The Call


Call early to get that early morning sick voice going. try to make it before your boss is in but after the receptionist. They don’t care about your sick day either.

8. STEP 3: Have a good excuss

Via Paramount

Not something you can’t back up the next day.

Go gross. Something that causes this face isn’t usually followed by too many questions.

10. STEP 4: Stay off Facebook


Don’t be this guy. This is a real guy.


Stop it.

Via Columbia

Seriously. Don’t. Even.

(Check buzzfeed on your phone.)

13. STEP 5: Enjoy your day off!

Get some well earned shut eye!

Via Columbia Pictures

Stuff your face!


You can do a range of things!

16. Enjoy your sickie!


You’ll be refreshed and ready for a return to work!

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