Top 5 Reasons For Gun Control

Do we need Gun Control now? This is the top 5 reasons we need control, and this is the tip of the iceberg. “Gun Control, No Politics”.

5. Aurora Theatre Shooting Massacre

12 Dead, 58 people injured on July 20,2012

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4. Oikos University Shooting

Gunman opened fire at the university killing 7 people on April 2, 2012.

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3. Cafe Racer Shooting

Man walked into a cafe, shot and killed 4 people, and injured others on May 30, 2012.

ID: 756123

2. Clackamas Town Center Mall Shooting

Gunman walked into the shopping mall, opened fire and killed 2 people, and injuring others, on December 11, 2012

ID: 756091

1. Sandy Hook School Massacre

28 people shot dead, 20 were innocent children under 10 years-old, on December 14, 2012

ID: 756007

Please, President Obama, it’s time to get politically correct with gun control, our children’s lives are at stake. Forget about the right to bear arms, it’s a right to live in a safe society.

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