11 Dead Social Networks

Remember when there was a social network in every niche and cranny? Even for fake boobs? A walk through some of the wilder ghost towns left on the web.

1. LetsTalkAboutPep.com

Then: Let’s Talk About Pep, for fans of hip hop icon/VHI reality star Pep (of Salt’n’Pepa) launched in 2008.

Now: Last post was in Nov. 2011.

2. Eons.com

Then: A social site for baby-boomers and other olds that was founded in 2005; hence, Eons.com.

Now: “Not currently available.”

3. ZiiTrend.com

Then: Ziitrend, a network for future predictions launched in 2007.

Now: Kicked off the internet completely.

4. MyFreeImplants.com

Then: MyFreeImplants, a site devoted to helping women raise money for breast augmentation. Founded in 2005.

Now: While it’s a little hard to tell when the last campaign for breast implant money was launched, the well seems to go dry around 2010.

5. Myrl.com

Then: An avatar social network, Myrl.com, was a place where different creatures from different platforms (Second Life, etc.) could meet and mingle. Name stands for “My Real Life/My Role Life” and launched around 2008.

Now: Image speaks for itself.

6. Yub.com

Then: Yub.com was a hub for social shopping—finding others who want to shop together, alone, online. Started circa 2005.

Now: While the site was still functional, numerous attempts to find humans yielded no results. Seems that people don’t want to shop socially, just drunk.

7. SpotAPotty.com

Then: SpotAPotty, a site for people who want to take pictures and share facts about bathrooms.

Now: An empty Ning shell.

8. SoberCircle.com

Then: Like a virtual AA, SoberCircle was launched in 2008 to help recovering addicts meet.

Now: In a fairly common fate for many niche networks, SoberCircle was overtaken by a similar site, OneRecovery —although a visit to OneRecovery showed that it was becoming a more general OneHealth.

9. MyCatSpace.com

Then: MyCatSpace, a pet-themed knockoff.

Now: Like MySpace itself, this derivative site is no longer populated. MyDogSpace.com, on the other hand, directs to an active network called DateMyPet.com.

10. StarPonyz.com

Then: StarPonyz, a (teen?) social network for ponies and the people who ride them that began in 2006.

Now: This pony is on life-support: the bulk of the “new members” are spam and people only post to the bulletin board every few months.

11. Anderstand.com

Then: Like salsa dancing in Brighton, England? Anderstand.com existed for you. Possibly most niche social network ever.

Now: Sadly, the site for people who love salsa dancing in Brighton, England is no more.

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