27 Signs You Are From Orange County

No it’s not like the TV shows, but sometimes it kind of is.

1. You can’t even count the number of people who have asked, “Can you see the beach from your house?”

For the majority of people it’s like 20 minutes away.

2. You always have mixed feelings whenever it rains.

3. You genuinely feel this way about some places, sorry.

It’s really not that bad, it’s just too far inland.

4. In-n-Out for days

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Double Double, fries, Neapolitan shake. Thanks!

5. Choosing a mall to go to is really difficult.

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Irvine Spectrum, South Coast Plaza, Shops at Mission Viejo, Main Place, Laguna Hills Mall, Block of Orange.

6. Your summer job was probably here:

incrediblecoasters.com / Via http://www.incrediblecoasters.com

Why there is a water park 10 miles from the beach I have no idea.

7. You know where your loyalties lie.

Angels, baby.

8. Thoughts on Disneyland:

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It’s still fun, it just loses some appeal the around 20th visit.

9. Actual snow fall?

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Never, get your fix by taking a day trip to Big Bear.

10. You ditched class to go to the beach.

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11. You took day trips to L.A. or San Diego.

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Because it’s always fun to go to the beach in a slightly different place.

12. When you saw BMWs and Mercedes in your high school parking lot:

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You became immune to it, because you eventually got your own ride. Albeit not as nice, but wheels are wheels!

13. Wait your parents didn’t at least get you some form of transportation?

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Really? Not even like a used Honda or a old jeep? I’m sorry.

14. Moms don’t do zumba, they do

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15. Yet somehow they all still have

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Weird right?

16. You’ve hate watched The O.C., Real Housewives of Orange County, or Laguna Beach: the Real O.C.

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No judgement.

17. High school football is a really big deal…

images.ocregister.com / Via http://www.static.cdn.ocvarsity.com

Mater Dei and Mission Viejo are just too much.

18. As are water polo, swimming, and surf team?

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19. Traffic up Laguna Canyon Road or 55 N or just anywhere in general

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It’s just…

20. But the Toll Roads

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21. You either have a pool or know someone with a pool, so the thought of a public pool is

22. You know this doesn’t happen, ever.

Dream on!

23. You have no idea what the ‘ghetto’ is.

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Santa Ana and Anaheim kind of are? Maybe?

24. Even if you you aren’t genetically blessed somehow everyone in the county seems to be.

ia.media-imdb.com / Via http://www.www.imdb.com

It must be in the water or the ocean?

25. And while they are pretty, you still feel this way

tumblr.com / Via http://realitytvgifs.tumblr.com

26. Sometimes you’re just like

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It can be a confusing, strange place.

27. But just remember, since you’re from California, you’re automatically special.

All those other people are just jealous!

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