The 22 Stages Of Getting A Paycheck As A Twentysomething

From Pay day to Mayday in no time at all.

1. It’s PAY DAY. The BEST day of the month!

NBC / Via

Bank account balance: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

2. I no longer have to be nervous when I buy my morning coffee from Pret!

NBC / Via

Bank account balance: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

3. There is just so much joy in my heart right now.

NBC / Via

Bank account balance: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

4. But wait, I should probably plan my finances this time…

CBS / Via

Bank account balance: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

5. Everyone is going to the pub? There’s a special offer on tequila shots?

ABC / Citytv / Via

Bank account balance: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

6. Fuck it. Should I just go out tonight?

Universal Pictures / Via

Bank account balance: $$$$$$$$$$$$$

7. One night isn’t exactly going to put a dent in my wages…

Bank account balance: $$$$$$$$$$$$

8. Everyone is so happy. I should probably buy them another round.

Bank account balance: $$$$$$$$$$$$

9. Everyone LOVES ME, keep buying them more alcohol. It’s OK I JUST GOT PAID!

Logo / Via

Even though the fact that everyone else has also been paid hasn’t yet crossed my mind..

Bank account balance: $$$$$$$$$$$$

10. I’m too hungover to cook. Gonna order take-out.

Paramount Pictures / Via

For the next week.

Bank account balance: $$$$$$$$$

11. Although it’s probably time I went grocery shopping…

Bank account balance: $$$$$$$$$

12. I might as well buy in bulk, it’ll save me money in the long run..

Epic Meal Time / Via

Bank account balance: $$$$$$$$

13. I should probably get 3 deodorants, a multi-pack of gum and other crap I will put away and forget I have…

Bank account balance: $$$$$$$$

14. Oh, hey Mom. Sorry, it’s your WHAT?


Bank account balance: $$$$$$$

15. All this treating other people is tiring. It’s time for some ME time.

Bank account balance: $$$$$$

16. Wait, what day is it?

Funny or Die / Via remeetp

Bank account balance: $$$

17. Am I still joined to that ridiculously expensive gym I never use?

Bank account balance: $$

18. I can sense how close I am to being broke but I’m just going to keep spending and living in ignorance.

Bank account balance: $

19. What do you mean I still owe you $50?


Bank account balance: ???

20. Let me just check my bank bal- WHAT THE HELL????!!!!

Bank account balance: NADA/NIL/NOPE/NOTHING

21. What have I done??? I TAKE IT ALL BACK!!

DreamWorks / Via

Bank account balance: $$

22. Now I will live on cereal for the next three weeks.

Bank account balance: $

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