I am a writer and amateur authority (does that work?) on all things DIY...or at least lots of DIY things.
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  • 20 Crafty DIY Gifts For Men

    I know gender roles are archaic and sexist, but they exist for a reason, right? Even so, the crafts below are for everyone—especially anyone who appreciates handmade gifts, but isn’t interested in the frilly or frivolous or traditionally feminine projects out there. But for the purposes of this article, I will be referencing “the men in your life.”

    rekremm a year ago 2 responses

  • Yarn Rapping Vs. Yarn Wrapping (a DIY)

    There are some totally hip grandmas out there (some might even call them “double hip”) who have tried their hands and voices at rapping. Just Google “grandma rapping”—you’ll get some real gems. It’s just another reason we can love our adorable grandmas beyond their hugs, cookies and those yarn crafts they always seem to be doing. But there’s a new trend in yarn crafts that there’s a good chance your grandma hasn’t tried. Yarn wrapping. Now maybe you can teach Grandma something.

    rekremm a year ago respond