Proof That Children Are Hilariously Uncoordinated

Remember: we were all awkward kids once. Courtesy of your new favourite subreddit, /r/childrenfallingover. posted on

1. Let’s start with some good ol’-fashioned Riverdance!

2. The Vicar of Dibley Reenactment.

3. Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

4. The ‘Miley’.

5. Since when was sitting down a challenge?

You can coordinate colours, but not your own limbs.

6. Postman Prat.

7. They scare easily.

8. Like, really easily.

9. Can’t take them to the park.

10. Seriously, no child can work a swing.

11. Slides? They’re out too.


12. How about a ball?


13. They can’t even basketball.

14. Sometimes, dogs can turn on you.


18. Then again, sometimes kids get the karma they deserve.

19. Kids even wipe each other out.

20. It’s like a pile-up on the motorway.

21. Not sure whether stupid … or evil genius.

23. Water is not a child’s friend.

24. Now this is a reveille.

25. Every end is the deep end for them.

26. But the best collapse-worthy culprits? The parents.

27. Why are you doing this?

Oh, that’s why: because it’s hilarious.

28. You’re supposed to look after them.

29. But just think, kids. Practice hard enough, and one day you could grow up to fall like this.

Ahh, cheese-rolling. Can’t get tired of it.

All images from /r/childrenfalling over and /r/peoplefalling on Reddit.

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