Duke Dumont Is Your Patron Saint Of Party Jams

Turn up for Duke.

1. Duke Dumont, the mad scientist of party-starting, just released his newest single, “Won’t Look Back,” and it’s totally bonkers.

It opens with a passionate piano solo and then quickly transitions into a powerhouse, hands-in-the-air vocal sample. That’s when things really get cranking.

ID: 3189688

2. “Won’t Look Back” is Dumont’s first single of 2014, following the radiant “I Got U” in December, and his first smash “Need U (100%)” last spring.

Earlier this month, he made this irresistible mix of summer jams for BuzzFeed.

ID: 3190003

3. When it comes to feel-good music, this is your one man party playlist.

William Sloan / Via Flickr: wjgs
ID: 3190072

4. Welcome to the weekend.

ID: 3190096

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