24 Unmistakable Signs That Your Parents Are Cooler Than You

Here’s hoping swag is genetic.

1. They have hundreds of friends and active social lives. You have Netflix.

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2. Their musical taste is sophisticated and unquestionably cool. You’ve got Ke$ha on repeat.

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3. And they look much cooler listening to it than you do with your iPhone.

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4. Their dance moves are inspired by the golden era of dance. Yours are an embarrassment to culture as a whole.

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5. While you schlep around in bizarre clothing that should be burned, they have impeccable fashion sense.

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6. They routinely go on amazing, exciting vacations… While you’re home with your cats and your lameness.



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7. They’re invited to more parties than you ever will be.

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8. And, at those parties, they rage longer and harder than you’re capable of.

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9. (It doesn’t hurt that they can afford better alcohol than the shameful $4 pink champagne that you drink.)

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10. They always know about relevant cultural happenings before you do.

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11. When your friends come over, they’re more excited to hang out with your parents than with you.

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And who can blame them?

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12. Your family always won at Halloween… Because your parents are brilliant, and you’re a good prop.

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13. They’d never hate on you for being goofy. They’d rather be goofin’ with you.

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14. They’re firm proponents of letting you be you… Whoever that is.

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15. When you find old pictures of your folks, you realize you’re much lamer than they were at your age.

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16. They were hipsters and scene kids without trying to be, and they kinda still are.

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17. They’re always using cool new slang months before you get to it.

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18. They have fun, exciting hobbies and talents. Your talent is eating Cheetos and being a loser.

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19. You get away with a lot more than you expect to get away with.

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20. Because they know exactly when to draw the line, and even when you’re a dumbass, they’ve got your back.

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21. You were never embarrassed about being seen with your folks, because they fit right in.

If anything, they should be embarrassed to be seen with you.

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22. They use their badass-ness to defend you fiercely at every opportunity.

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23. You’re glad to have had them to up your street cred your entire life.



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24. And hey, if all goes well, you have a lot to look forward to.

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