20 Traits That Make Olivia Pope The Best Choice For President

Why have a regular leader when you could have a gladiator in a suit?

1. She’s incredibly rational, as any good leader should be.




2. While still having magical instincts and always trusting them.

3. She has a loyal posse.

4. And some seriously powerful suitors.


So she’s used to dealing with high profile politicians.

5. But she still calls the shots, proving that she already holds all the power anyway.




6. Her self-worth is never swayed.

ABC / Via

7. She’s an expert at fighting for what’s right.

8. Which is why, like every great POTUS, she inspires true awe.

ABC / Via

9. She maintains a healthy work-life-balance* because self-care is essential to good leadership.

*By drinking a glass of wine in her PJs every night.

10. Underneath her tough exterior, she is vulnerable and human and feels lots of feelings, like her constituents.

ABC / Via

11. So she’s good at managing her expectations.

12. She already knows her way around the Oval Office.

13. And she knows how to keep major political players in her back pocket.

14. She’s been determining United States foreign policy while chilling on the phone in bed… So that won’t be a problem.

15. She keeps everyone’s secrets and is literally the most trustworthy person in America.

Quinn Perkins? Lindsay Dwyer? Same thing!

16. But she is a firm believer in openness about sexuality.

17. Despite her busy schedule, she’s always dressed impeccably.

So she’s always ready for those photo ops.

ABC / Via

Seriously, she always looks unreal.

ABC / Via

18. She believes in healthy competition.

And what’s more American than that?

19. She’ll never let her country down on the world stage.

20. And her personality is summarized by her ambitious, comforting, simple catch-phrase:

So it’s settled. Olivia Pope 2016.

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Rega Jha is the editor of BuzzFeed India and is based in Mumbai.
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