20 Traits That Make Olivia Pope The Best Choice For President

Why have a regular leader when you could have a gladiator in a suit?

1. She’s incredibly rational, as any good leader should be.





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2. While still having magical instincts and always trusting them.

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3. She has a loyal posse.

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4. And some seriously powerful suitors.


So she’s used to dealing with high profile politicians.

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5. But she still calls the shots, proving that she already holds all the power anyway.





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6. Her self-worth is never swayed.

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7. She’s an expert at fighting for what’s right.

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8. Which is why, like every great POTUS, she inspires true awe.

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9. She maintains a healthy work-life-balance* because self-care is essential to good leadership.

*By drinking a glass of wine in her PJs every night.

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10. Underneath her tough exterior, she is vulnerable and human and feels lots of feelings, like her constituents.

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11. So she’s good at managing her expectations.

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12. She already knows her way around the Oval Office.

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13. And she knows how to keep major political players in her back pocket.

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14. She’s been determining United States foreign policy while chilling on the phone in bed… So that won’t be a problem.

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15. She keeps everyone’s secrets and is literally the most trustworthy person in America.

Quinn Perkins? Lindsay Dwyer? Same thing!

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16. But she is a firm believer in openness about sexuality.

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17. Despite her busy schedule, she’s always dressed impeccably.

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So she’s always ready for those photo ops.

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Seriously, she always looks unreal.

ABC / Via styleblazer.com
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18. She believes in healthy competition.

And what’s more American than that?

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19. She’ll never let her country down on the world stage.

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20. And her personality is summarized by her ambitious, comforting, simple catch-phrase:

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So it’s settled. Olivia Pope 2016.

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