69 Things That Matter More Than Your Finals, Your Grades, And Your GPA

Because the most important requirements aren’t on any syllabus.

1. Staying up all night talking to someone you just met.
2. Taking a class that has nothing to do with your major.
3. Being broke and surviving it. (Thank you, Ramen.)
4. Growing to care about someone drastically different from you.
5. Sneaking onto the highest roof on campus.
6. Dramatically changing your appearance, just because you can.
7. Going a weekend without any technology.
8. Making a major life decision your parents don’t approve of.
9. Becoming good friends with a professor.
10. Reading books that aren’t on the curriculum.
11. Making out with someone whose name you can’t remember.
12. Being on a first-name basis with a bartender or bouncer.
13. Having a drunken singalong in the middle of campus.
14. Falling in love.
15. Falling out of love.
16. Losing your faith in love.
17. Falling in love again, anyway.

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18. Staying up all night to study for an exam.
19. Then falling asleep during it.
20. Understanding the meaning of privilege.
21. Understanding the meaning of oppression.
22. Identifying so strongly with a cause that it made you angry.
23. Skipping class to go to a protest.
24. Being sexiled.
25. Sexiling someone.
26. Doing community service.
27. Getting rejected for something you really, really want.
28. Going to events just for the free food.
29. Changing your major.
30. Changing your professional goals.
31. Learning when to say “yes.”
32. And learning how to say “no.”
33. Finding a favorite book that you didn’t read in high school.
34. Loving a piece of art so much that it made you cry.

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35. Questioning your sexuality.
36. Questioning your religious views.
37. Questioning your spirituality.
38. Questioning your political stances.
39. Questioning every identity you’ve assumed you were born into.
40. Performing something in front of an audience.
41. Making a Halloween costume you’re excited about.
42. Singing your college fight song at Homecoming.
43. Singing your college fight song at a campus bar.
44. Joining a club that has nothing to do with your professional aspirations.
45. Hanging out at the townie bar.
46. Dating a townie.
47. Writing something that’s published in a campus publication.
48. Sticking with a job you hate with a boss you can’t stand.
49. Going to free stand-up, theater, and a cappella shows on campus.
50. Skinny-dipping.

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51. Locking yourself out of your dorm room in just a towel.
52. Setting off a fire alarm. Oops.
53. Enrolling in a morning class you always sleep through.
54. Pulling an all-nighter.
55. Pulling an all-nighter for a non-academic reason.
56. Instagramming the sunrise over your campus.
57. Participating in every insane campus tradition at least once.
58. Nostalgically giving advice to a first year.
59. Studying abroad. Overcoming culture shock.
60. Doing a walk of shame aka a stride of pride.
61. Learning a new language.
62. Starting a major assignment the night before it’s due.
63. Venturing off campus and exploring the surrounding town/city.
64. Being asked, “So what’s next?” and not knowing what to say.
65. Being asked, “So what’s next?” and having an answer.
66. Having a crippling fear of the future.
67. But a resilient faith in yourself.
68. Making memories that will last forever.
69. And making friends that are yours for life.

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