24 Things Only Your Best Friend Knows About You

It’s a miracle they love you anyway.

1. Your BFFs know your guilty-pleasure TV shows because they watch them with you.

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2. They know that you force them to like your Facebook/Instagram updates as soon as they’re posted.

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3. They’re the only people who know exactly when you’re pooping.

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4. And precisely how good, bad, or average it was.

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5. They’re the only people who know how much time you spend composing every text you send your crush.

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6. They know your secret racial/ethnic/religious prejudices.

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7. And all the really, really stupid questions and opinions you have on worldly affairs.

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8. They know your favorite flavor of every single junk food and candy.

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9. They know how abysmal you are at budgeting and that you spend a week every month broke.

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10. And they know that (at least) 50% of your money is spent on alcohol.

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11. They know that you have dinner twice every night, once at 7 p.m. and then again at 2 a.m.

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12. They know that when you attempt to cook, it’s almost always a disaster and a half…

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13. And so they have your Seamless order memorized.

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14. They know that you drink alone more than you would admit to anyone else.

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15. They know every regrettable detail of every regrettable hookup, even the ones you yourself have tried to forget.

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16. They know your Facebook search history better than Facebook even does.

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17. They know how you actually feel about all of your family members.

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18. And they know every stupid question you’ve ever had about sex.

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19. They know all the people you secretly hate but are nice to anyway.

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20. They know every graphic, gut-wrenching detail of your romantic history, from your first crush onward.

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21. They 100% know what you look like without pants on…

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22. And, if you’re a girl, they know how your legs look in all their unshaven glory.

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23. They know how you look first thing in the morning, crazy hair and everything.

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24. And, above all else, they know that despite all of their flaws, quirks, and secrets, you love them unconditionally and always.

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