The 17 Most Inexplicable Comments On Beyoncé’s Instagram Of Blue Ivy’s Toe

Such as, “ouuuuh shet sending9m ago giving 20’000 like and what is this foot.”


ID: 1668387

2. “You know me too well, get the peanut butter.”

ID: 1668408

3. “Must be Jay’s feet.”

ID: 1668391

4. “Please don’t ever do this again.”

ID: 1668397

5. “I bet you wish you could be that toe”

ID: 1668439

6. “Keep winning hunni bunni”

ID: 1668443

7. “Those feet walk in shoes worth more than your house.”

ID: 1668405

8. “Your fatass face shut up”

ID: 1668447

9. “Drink lots of water and keep it elevated homie”

ID: 1668909

10. “Argafeadfeafhdhgdj hgjlfdgadgafdafh”

ID: 1668910

11. “Thumb. Hi hi.”

ID: 1668915

12. “Lmfao her baby toe looks like Jay Z lips”

ID: 1668922

13. “My nightmare, nightmare, nightmare…”

ID: 1668959

14. “Is this real life?!?”

ID: 1669202

15. “I will eat him.”

ID: 1669215

16. “My daughter has the exact same toes.”

ID: 1669237

17. “Toby bone on.”

ID: 1669216

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