29 Terrifying Moments That Make You Feel Way Too Grown Up

Jeez adulthood, a little heads up would’ve been nice.

1. The first time a high school classmate listed themselves as “married” on Facebook. Unironically.

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2. The first time someone younger than you made a reference that you were too old to get.

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3. The first time you and your friends fought over the check.

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Instead of throwing in all of your credit cards and splitting even like you used to.

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4. When you ran into an ex with someone new… And were OK with it.

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5. The first time you sincerely said some variant of the phrase “kids nowadays.”

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6. And the first time you thought it in reference to an established celebrity.

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7. The first time you were in an argument with your parents and you knew, with 100% certainty, that you were right.

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8. When a former classmate Instagrammed a baby. THEIR OWN BABY.

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9. When your parents dropped you off at your first apartment…and left.

That moment standing by yourself inside the doorway, thinking, Well, now what?

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10. When you got your first paycheck! The jubilation! The joy! The sheer terror of financial independence!

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11. Aaaand when you spent it all in four days and finally learned the value of money.

And the value of ramen.

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12. The first time that a bartender asked for ID and, instead of being nervous, you were flattered.

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13. The first time rent was due. On your own apartment. From your own paycheck.

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14. When a band you grew up with releases a “greatest hits” compilation.

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15. The panic of realizing you have no idea when your next vacation will be.

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16. And when you do take one, the fact that you have to fund and plan it yourself.

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17. The first time you were left alone in your significant other’s apartment.

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18. The unparalleled horror of staring at your first W4 form, literally understanding nothing.

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19. The first time you start a story with “When I was your age…”

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20. The first time you made a doctor’s appointment by yourself, no mom and no dad and no family physician.

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21. When you seriously started saving for retirement.

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Thereby being forced to acknowledge that at some point, you will retire aka be old.

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22. The first time you handed someone a business card with your own name on it.

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23. The first time you hosted a dinner party. Not “had friends over to pregame and play drinking games.” A frickin’ dinner party.

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24. When you started caring about the economy because you realized it had actual repercussions for your life.

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25. The first time you went to a large family gathering and weren’t made to sit at the kids’ table.

ID: 1643347

26. The first time you went grocery shopping and felt a real need to buy things aside from beer and Cheetos.

ID: 1643425

27. The first time you looked at a picture of yourself from a few years ago and had hairstyle regrets.

ID: 1643513

28. The first time you return to your alma mater as an alum.

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29. And the moment at which you start telling yourself things like, “It’s OK, I’m young at heart!”

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