23 Signs You’re Obsessed With Taking Pictures

Lights, camera, addiction.

1. Regardless of what your camera of choice is, it is your most prized possession.

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2. You consider it a moral obligation to document everything you and your friends do together.

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3. And you obviously need to be in those pictures, so you have no shame asking third parties to take them.

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4. Which also means you’re an expert at posing.

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5. You feel an uncontrollable need to document your own face pretty regularly.

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6. (Seriously, nowhere is off-limits and shame isn’t a problem you have.)

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7. So you know, beyond a shred of a doubt, which your good side is.

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8. Sunrises and sunsets are entirely irresistible to you, even though they literally happen every day.

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9. You’re almost always late to places because you had to stop on your way to Instagram something.

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10. You have several apps on your phone devoted to making your pictures prettier.

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11. You’ve been known to make vacation plans based entirely on the photo opportunities of the location.

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12. Because any trip you take is 10% actual vacationing, and 90% taking pictures.

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13. Your family, friends, and significant other are used to waiting around while you retake the same picture until you’re satisfied.

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14. And you have no qualms about being a shameless tourist for the sake of a cool photo.

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15. When it comes to meals, your hunger isn’t truly satisfied until you’ve photographed your food.

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16. If you go a day without taking a good photo, you feel like your day was a complete waste.

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17. You have to clear your phone memory too frequently for comfort.

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18. You look at the most mundane everyday happenings and you see a photo op.

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19. You’ve put yourself in some pretty dangerous positions just to get the right angle.

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20. There’s no worse feeling than JUST missing what would’ve been a great picture.

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21. And no better feeling than catching one.

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22. Everyone makes fun of your ridiculous and ever-expanding addiction, but:

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23. Because, years from now, you’ll all be glad to have the good times saved forever.

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